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The football world is always able to create more and more story. When talking about the football, sure everybody is familiar to Pele. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or mostly called as Pele is one of best footballers in the world. In this moment, we are going to know who he is by knowing the facts about this man. I agree to people who say that he is the greatest footballer that ever lived. Some of you might not know that he released a new book. It has been priced at $1,700. It was a book from famous person with a fantastic price. You can take pride by having this book. The publishers released 1283 copies of the book for sale. Do you want to get this book? Most Pele’s fans have the same reasons to buy the book.


Besides becoming the all-time leading goal scorer of the Brazil national team, he became the only footballer to be a part of three World Cup-winning squads. While other players are trained by the football coach, he was trained by his father to be become a great player. Dondinho was trained Pele since birth. Do not you know who Dondinho is? He is former footballer. He was known as the top scorer every season he played for. Yes, he scored the goal for every team. In 1978, a footballer (Pele) was awarded the internation peace award. This award was given for his work with UNICEF. On the other hand, his presence in the US helped boosting the average of NASL attendance. From this fact, we can say that Pele's time with the Cosmos paved the way for soccer to take a serious hold in the US. As a son, he was able to become a pride of his dad. Do not you believe it? When his father was crying after Brazil lost 1950 FIFA World Cup and he saw it, he said that one, I will win it.


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Do You Want To Have Boyfriend As Handsome As Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro or Christian Ronaldo or Ronaldo is the famous football player. For some women worldwide, he is able to attract them. He looks so handsome with a good posture. He was born 31 years ago. Fans always want to know more and more about their idol. If you now like to watch world cup or other football competitions after seeing the appearance of Ronaldo, will you take a seat and read this article carefully? As the fan, you will have more reasons to love him. After his transfer to the Spanish Club named Real Madrid, he has made his career more inedible whether you believe it or not. A handsome man named Ronaldo does not drink, smoke and have no tattoo. These facts make him looks more handsome. It is not a secret that women want to have a boyfriend who is like him. Ronaldo wants to keep aloof himself from alcohol as well as smoking. His dad, Jose Dinis Aveiro, passed away at 52 years old. It was caused by alcohol abuse problem. As an athlete, it is important to keep his body and health from any kind of harmful things including alcohol and cigarette. He does not like to create tattoo. Instead, he prefers to donate blood twice a year. However, it would be better for blood donation, right?


He has the popularity with his name Ronaldo. His parent got inspiration for this name from the favorite actor of his father and an American 40th president Ronald Reagen. Now, Ronaldo becomes one of the famous men in the world similar to his dad’s favorite actor and the president of America. He was an amazing footballer since he was 11 aged. His first coach was able to see his skill in playing the ball. "When Ronaldo got the ball, he went past two to three players," the coach said. He now becomes the rising star in the world.

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